Tippers, Tithers and Treasure Seekers-Part 2

Pastor Lockhart continues his sermon on giving.

Tippers, Tithers and Treasure Seekers

Pastor Lockhart begins this new series on giving with the concept that the kingdom of God has come to us and we stood be seeking it; not separate from our lives but, as our whole lives in Jesus; not naturally, but supernaturally through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Missions Sunday

Pastor Lockhart displays the oral tradition from the Old Testament as it now pertains to our culture as story-telling Americans. And the Crossing welcomes a testimony about the calling on one missionary couples life.

Comfort and Ritual

We all have ritual and tradition at Christmas. Are they healthy for us, and bring us before God or do they exist for us alone?

What makes the Great Commission "great?"

What makes the Great Commission so great? And if Jesus left his followers the business of making disciples then, how's business?


God's gives to all. Freely. The Crossing looks at the parable of the talents found in Matthew for some insight into how God deals with gifts.

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