EPIC-Part 2

What makes an EPIC story?

EPIC-Part 2

What makes an epic story?

Take Comfort in God's Timing

God is making all things new; in his timing.

How to encounter the God of worship

Dale Antrim gives testimony of how God longs to love on his children so that in turn we can worship him in spirit and truth.

Give Over-My rights vs. My respect

Jesus returns to the brother who asked to gain a share of his inheritance and deals with stewardship from the ideas of relationship and respect rather than just having "rights."

Give Out (of what you believe) My connections or my convictions?

What am I telling my fellow man by my actions? Am I more concerned with my connections, or am I living out of my convictions? My closest problem is my most effective place of influence.

Give In (To Who You Really Are)

Is my life the same in public as it is in private? Am I giving in to my place or my face? If you create a false view to the world; do you really have anything to give or be a steward of?

Give Up (My Wealth or My Worth?)

The Crossing discusses the meaning of true Stewardship. Is it about my wealth or my worth? Two key principles rise out of this concept of "being a steward." 1. Because there is blessing; there is responsibility. Because there is responsibility; there are questions to be asked. Like: What shall I do? Who will I ask? and Who will get what I have? 2. You can only give what you possess. You can only posses what you give.

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