Sent (week1)

This week Pastor Chris talks about how we will receive power through the Holy Spirit and that we will be witnesses in our life.

Combined Celebration Service

Pastor Alvaro Torres gives the testimony of his calling to be a missionary to the United States.

Bod Enough to Ask

Are you bold enough to Ask? If you knew who it was that could help you; would you ask?

Bold Enough to Obey

So you've asked the Spirit boldly to help you with your prayer, but are you bold enough to obey what He tells you to do about it?

Bold Enough to Speak

Are you bold enough to not only ask, and obey but bold to speak out for Jesus with your step of faith?

Up the Creek Without the Members(Week2)

This week the Crossing looks at what it means to be in Fellowship with one another and "who's missing?" in that fellowship.

Man Overboard

The Crossing takes a look at what it really means to help someone.

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