2 Kings

Footsteps (Week 2)

Pastor Lockhart speaks on the importance of not "stepping over" key issues that involve us as Americans, and will effect our world.

Stepping into

Chris Lockhart talks on Stepping into what God is doing with you through faith.

Step Back : Footsteps (Week 5)

Chris Lockhart speaks on the importance of taking a step back in life and observing God's work.

Footsteps (Week 3)

Chris Lockhart preaches on our authority to share the gospel.

Stepping out (Footsteps Week 6)

When is it time to step out in faith and follow where God leads?

Your Life Mission (The God Card Week 2)

What is your life mission? Do you think it's many things you can't explain or has God told you to choose your 'one of many?'

The God Card

Pastor Chris Lockhart walks us through why people pull "the God Card," by relating to 2 Kings 6 and the King of Assyria.

Missed Connections

1. God is God and I am not. 2. The Gospel is the only way into "real life" applied through "relationships over results."

Active Connections

God wants your active connections to restore you fully. Active Connections are the place God is moving you, to give you the next thing he has for your life.

Mixed Connections : Part Two

How do we determine what we do next?


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