Don't quit on your friendship with God

What are some of the things that cause us to "give up" and "quit" on our call to be in relationship with our God and Savior? Pat Barker takes the Crossing Church through three scripture passages that speak to our need to continue to be a faithful people to our faithful God.

Test Drive Your Faith

With Christ we are called to be the people of grace. And in grace we can test drive our faith, our relationships and our ministries to a whole new level.

Covenant Week 2

Giving is part of our commitment to God and to each other, but so is receiving. Pastor Chris Lockhart takes the Crossing through a broader view of covenant as he speaks on God's will for the Church; the Body of Christ

Covenant Week 1: Elders

The Crossing Church covenants together each year and ordains elders. This Sunday, Pastor Lockhart teaches on the qualifications of an elder. And then allows each to give his testimony before ordaination.

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