Mixed Connections : Part Two

How do we determine what we do next?

Shelter (Week 1)

Obey God

Sent (week1)

This week Pastor Chris talks about how we will receive power through the Holy Spirit and that we will be witnesses in our life.

The Gospel (Week3)

Chris Lockhart talks with the Crossing Church about their identity in Christ and how the Gospel flows through our identity as he preaches from Philippians 2 and Mark 5.

EPIC-Part 2

What makes an epic story?

What is the battle?

When facing the enemy, as we all do as believers. What battles do we really fight? What the real battle about?

Getting into the Ring

Understanding God's will can be messy. But like it or not, if we are called as believers, we are all in the battle for our faith at some point in our walk. Are you prepared to step in the ring? Into the will and plan God has for you that will bring true victory. Chris Lockhart begins this new series in Ephesians 6 where we are called to "put on the full armor of God."

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