Missed Connections

1. God is God and I am not. 2. The Gospel is the only way into "real life" applied through "relationships over results."

Being Encouraged Through Answered Prayer

Focal Point: Praying in His will and for others

Stirring Eachother Up

Stirring Eachother Up

The Gospel (week6)

From Dysfunction to Function

Is your family experiences functional or dysfunctional? In this new series Pastor Lockhart takes a look at what David meant when he wrote Psalm 139, and how we can apply it to our walk with Christ to move from being people of dysfunction to people of purpose.

Missions Sunday

Pastor Lockhart displays the oral tradition from the Old Testament as it now pertains to our culture as story-telling Americans. And the Crossing welcomes a testimony about the calling on one missionary couples life.

Combined Celebration Service

Pastor Alvaro Torres gives the testimony of his calling to be a missionary to the United States.

The Struggle

There are things that get in our way that keep us from being on mission with God. The Crossing takes a first hand look at four struggle we all deal with when it comes to serving God and joining Him on his mission; in this new series "Exits and Intros."

Test Drive Your Faith

With Christ we are called to be the people of grace. And in grace we can test drive our faith, our relationships and our ministries to a whole new level.


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