How do I view my blessing?

How do you view the blessing God is giving you? Do you see it or is it masked by something in your life?

How am I blessed?

Climates of Acceptance

We all need acceptance and encouragement. The Crossing Church opens up the book of Hebrews to have a look at what acceptance really is.

Thunder Clouds

When storms clouds come in relationships, how should I handle it? What about surrendering to the weaker persons needs? The crossing takes a look at Abram and Lot in Genesis 13.

Unstable Climates (Labels)

What labels do we put on our lives? We all have a background and habits and hang-ups. So what's the cure? Self-esteem? Goal-setting? Or should we look at one word that Christ can give us; and that word is Acceptance.

Everyone has a climate

The Crossing Church takes at look at relationships and how they can change by just effecting the smallest efforts.

Bold Enough to Know God

Do you know facts about God or are you in a relationship with Him in such a way that He reveals Himself to you so you can know Him? Pat Barker speaks about "Knowing God"

Bold Enough to Speak

Are you bold enough to not only ask, and obey but bold to speak out for Jesus with your step of faith?

Bold Enough to Obey

So you've asked the Spirit boldly to help you with your prayer, but are you bold enough to obey what He tells you to do about it?

Bod Enough to Ask

Are you bold enough to Ask? If you knew who it was that could help you; would you ask?


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