Obey God

Being Encouraged Through Answered Prayer

Focal Point: Praying in His will and for others

Stirring Eachother Up

Stirring Eachother Up

Sent (week1)

This week Pastor Chris talks about how we will receive power through the Holy Spirit and that we will be witnesses in our life.

The Gospel (week6)

Pastor Chris talks about how God wants us to live our life.

The Gospel (Week3)

Chris Lockhart talks with the Crossing Church about their identity in Christ and how the Gospel flows through our identity as he preaches from Philippians 2 and Mark 5.

Speak-Part 1

How does your life speak to those around you? How do you tell your story? How do you connect your story to the greatest story ever told? These are just some of the questions about evangelism that Chris asks the church as the Crossing begins a new series called; "Speak."


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