The Big Question

When is it wrong to ask of God? When is it right? Just how does the right way to go about it look? The Crossing asked these question in their study of Exodus 14 Moses comes before God just before the miracle at the Red Sea.

The Big Idea

The Crossing looks at the "Big Idea" for the Israelites as they faced Pharaoh's army and the reasons they gave for disliking the circumstances.

The Big Picture

The Crossing explores the exodus of the Israelites and looks at what God had in mind for them as their "BIg Picture" as He tells them to "turn back and camp" by the Rea Sea.

Me to We

Chris Lockhart (pastor of the Crossing) appoint the churches first two elders. Mr. Neil Hunter and Dr. J.C. Bradley in High Point, NC.

Man Overboard

The Crossing takes a look at what it really means to help someone.

The three weeks of the Fellowship Series brings Conflict into play aboard the FellowShip and we see Paul give hope to the passengers after the wind is blown from their sails. The Crossing examines how you blow the wind out of someone and how Jesus can put it back into them.

Up the Creek Without the Members(Week2)

This week the Crossing looks at what it means to be in Fellowship with one another and "who's missing?" in that fellowship.

Up the Creek without the Members


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