Crossville Children - Important Information

Your First Visit to Crossville!

At the first visit parents or the child’s guardian will be asked to fill out an information card.  Be sure to write down any information that would assist us in caring for your child.  The information card will be kept on file.  Remember to update this card as your child’s needs or information changes.  For security purposes, each week you and your child will be given ID bracelets with an identification number on it.  This number is your call number if your child needs you.  Your child will only be released to the persons that you have listed on your registration card or the person with the same ID bracelet as the child.  This person must be over 17 years old.  A picture ID will be required for anyone that does not have the ID bracelet and is listed on the registration card.  Your child’s safety is very important to us.  We will enforce the release policy to guarantee their safety.  You may drop your child off at the nursery or children’s program (15) minutes before service begins.  Please pick up your children within (15) minutes after service ends.

Nursery-Newborn to 2 years old:

Permanent volunteers who will be caring for your children will be qualified volunteers who have undergone background checks.  There will always be at least 2 volunteers with your child.  To Assist us, please include in your diaper bag: Complete change of clothes - Diapers-Bottles or sippy cup - Pacifier (if used) and Snack (if on a special diet).  All items should be labeled with your child’s name.

Nursing Mothers:

For your comfort and convenience there is a chair in the ladies room for nursing privacy.

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